Shazam Vs Captain Marvel 2019 movies

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#Letsplays #MovieReviews #TheGeekDetective #Games #Movies #Reviews #Steam Pictures used Princess Jasmine (Aladdin movie 2019 reference) Game of thrones stark flag (Game of thrones reference) Childs Play 2019 (self explanatory) resident evil 3 ( in hopes of a resident evil 3 remake) Vegito (Dragon ball super broly) Godzilla 2 king of the monsters (can’t wait) Zatanna Because i felt like it.

boogie boards future paper! #steam

I use OBS to record

I use Krita to photoshop and Animation

I use DaVinci Resolve for editing

by the way you guys should save from trees and get yourself a boogie board!

All editing tools are in my description above! thanks! You can download this game off steam! heres a link. its cheap to buy!

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